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Personal Data and Archives

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Everyone who creates, manages and consults archives must take into account the legislation about the protection of personal data. This was actually already the case since the last century, when the Belgian privacy law of 1992 came into force, but it is even more so since the European General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) took effect in May 2018 in the entire EU, thus also in Belgium.

The GDPR grants the ‘data subject’ - that is to say each individual - more rights vis-à-vis the (public and private) organisations that process his or her data. The GDPR has also tightened the rules governing the supervision of the processing. A derogation is foreseen for ‘archiving purposes in the public interest’.

The archives sector has to adapt to this new context. In order to provide guidance to archivists and users in this field and in the application of the GDPR in archives, the Data Protection Officer (‘DPO’) of the State Archives has compiled a reasoned and concise bibliography about all aspects of this new legislation that are relevant for the archives sector. e-Procurement