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Each year, the Belgian State Archives publishes a number of works in order to support and simplify archival research: guides, inventories, studies on history and archival sciences, research guides, etc. You can find a presentation of our most recent publications in the News section of the website.

Some of our publications can be purchased as print versions at the shop of the National Archives or at various repositories. Other publications can be bought in digital format in our e-bookshop and some can be downloaded for free on our website or consulted for free in our reading rooms.

  1. Webshop of the State Archives 
  2. Archive shop (closed indefinitely)
  3. External webshops
  4. Acid-free archive boxes and folders

Webshop of the State Archives 

In our webshop you find the complete list of all State Archives publications. Many inventories, usually the most recent ones, published by our institution can be downloaded for free.

To find an inventory, click on “Publications” in the webshop and enter the publication number. For example, if you are looking for publication no. 5363, enter either the number range 5362 to 5364, the publication title or the name of the author. Click on the search button and enter your e-mail address. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail with the download link to the requested inventory in PDF format.

Would you prefer a printed version? Then send an email to

Archive shop 

The archive shop at the National Archives is closed indefinitely. It is possible to make an appointment or place an order at

External webshops

We offer certain publications through the following external webshops:

Acid-free archive boxes and folders

For proper conservation of your documents, you can order acid-free archive boxes and folders. Please contact the supplies department of the National Archives by phone at +32 (0)2 548 38 14 or send an e-mail to

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