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Looking for a useful and intriguing leisure activity? Got a passion for History? Interested in preserving a unique heritage and making it accessible to the public? Then become a volunteer at the Belgian State Archives!

The States Archives can proudly look back on a long history of collaboration with volunteer workers. They are often knowledgeable and skilled amateur historians, people interested in their local history or genealogists, having gathered a wealth of experience in archival research and in reading old documents. Volunteers can carry out various tasks at the State Archives:

  • Describing archives: individually or in groups, under the supervision of an archivist or not, you describe different series of archival documents such as assets inventories, planning permissions or notarial deeds. Click here for an overview of projects for volunteers
  • Packaging and labelling archives
  • Collaborating in exhibitions
  • Library work
  • Demogen: This digital platform provides millions of records (genealogical sources) to the public. The Demogen database is fed via the software package ‘Demogen Visu’ ( It is used by researchers and volunteers to feed the Demogen database in a structured manner with records.

Are you interested in rising to a new challenge, at your own pace? Contact the State Archives repository of your choice. e-Procurement