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The publication policy of the State Archives is increasingly concentrating on digital services, mainly via two channels.


All the publications of the State Archives can be found in our webshop. Some of the inventories in the webshop are available as free download in PDF format. Simply enter your e-mail address and you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a download link to the inventory you requested.


As a scientific institution, the State Archives is a natural partner in the field of science in which evolutions are fast and where digitization and internationalization form key points of development. Publishing scientific works in electronic format helps spreading science and knowledge rapidly all over the world.

Moreover, thanks to these digital publications, the State Archives can give a “second life” to older works that are no longer in print and whose reissue would be economically unviable, but which are still much sought after by researchers.

In our e-bookshop you find the current offer of e-books of the State Archives, which will be extended systematically in the coming years.

The advantages of e-books are among others:

  • Full-text search            
  • Use of electronic bookmarks
  • Marking of excerpts
  • Adding remarks
  • Making your own table of contents e-Procurement