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You can financially support the State Archives in two ways:

  • By bank transfer:

    IBAN : BE32 6792 0078 0502
    Recipient : State Archives of Belgium
    Reference : Donation by [NAME] + [ADDRESS]

    For donations of € 40.00 or higher (on annual basis) you are entitled to a fiscal advantage (via donation tax statement). Any person subject to taxation in Belgium can enjoy a flat tax reduction of 45% on all donations made, with a minimum amount of € 40.00 per annum and per recognised recipient or organisation. You must provide your address when making a donation to us in order to receive a donation tax statement. Make sure to mention your address in the reference field of your bank transfer so that we can send you the donation tax statement!

    Donation tax statement: The flat tax reduction of 45% applies to the total amount donated per year, with a minimum sum of € 40.00 per recipient or recognised organisation. Reduction only applicable to persons subject to taxes in Belgium (fiscal residency).

  • Via the online payment system PayPal

    ATTENTION! Donations made via PayPal do not entitle to a donation tax statement and therefore no tax reduction can be claimed. e-Procurement